Where L0ve resides.....a Mothers quilt~

                                                                  A Mothers Quilt

This quilt is for a mother who unexpectedly lost her baby daughter and was commissioned by her closest friends in an effort to support and love her....

The mother was able to let go of four outfits, which became the leaves and flowers of the quilt. The baby's mom was brave enough to donate her daughters organs and three children were saved....

The three flowers represent the three lives.

Colleen B. who designed and made the quilt did a magnificent job~ She said that this was a difficult package of clothing to open and cut, but she said that our quilt will be a very dignified gift to this mom.

Her friends chose special
words and messages to write...I just posted a few~

Hopefully it will bring her comfort her as time passes....



  1. It's beautiful.

  2. beautiful quilt, INCREDIBLE quilting!

  3. Eileen, your quilting is gorgeous and I can feel the emotion tied into quilt when I look at the photos. Such a wonderful memory holder.


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