Friday, November 8, 2013

Disco Balls~HaNdSoMe quilting~ CuRvY applique ..Thanksgiving in Connecticut~♥

Lucky Budgies got their own disco ball this week from Emma and Cal~

 I am loving the richness of this HuSbAnD quilt.....

 This weeks Flower Garden applique is twists and turns......oh my.....Thank goodness this quilt is huge~by the time I get to the last block they will look better!!

 My favorite season.....thinking about Thanksgiving in Connecticut.....

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Such "Glorious Colors"!!

Second month into BOM for my Flower Garden~Tips on making better stems and better storage of stems~

 Best tip yet~buying a wheel of brights to compliment each beautiful fabric~I know I could use a neutral thread but this is more fun don't you think?

 I purchased this online....quick and easy~♠

Monday, November 4, 2013

A quilters LuCkY HuBbY~thread audition~NeigHbOrHooD WaTcHdOg~GrOcErIeS and PoSt OfFiCe rUn...♥

A VERY handsome quilt from a new customer for her fabrics~great design~♥

 Thread audition~ I am definately using two colors so I can highlight and lowlight this beautiful fabric...
 These two make the cut! Be sure to take your thread OFF the spool and lay it on your fabric to get your best measure..

 Looks great with the background as well~see the difference with the thread on the spools and the tiny thread color against the fabric?

 Millie waiting to see her friends walk down Robin Hill this morning~♥

 Mailing and groceries to get in for the munchkins coming after school today~time for hot chocolate and marshmallows I'm thinking! Soy milk for Minnie Vinnie of course~♥
Colleen and Annie your quilts are on the way!!