Thursday, July 25, 2013

TeEThInG CoRn and PuPpIeS! and MiLlIEs Home!!!

This little rascal has four teeth coming in at once and is chewing on everything within sight~♥

I cooked some corn on the cob the night before and refrigerated (sp?)  it and served it cold to this munchie boy and he was in love~♥

Millie is home!! and here are the puppies week 5~♥

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sweet Christmas surprises for my two oldest grand~daughters, thoughtful quilting and of course the puppies!~♥

I have two beautiful BEAUTIFUL kits(for my two oldest grand~daughters) ready for my itchy fingers to begin! But first things first~ I cannot even open them until I finish my Cali worries~that gives me plenty of time to think about the colors and design and of course the quilting~I am thinking of writing them each a letter~on the quilt~♥

 Cali quilt is coming off the frame very soon and will be ready for packing while I load the second one to begin~This quilt is so beautiful and so wonderful to work on...wait till you see the next one~my goodness....
I love my job....

And the puppies are getting cuter every day~ready to go home in one month~Millie will be back home with us one week from Saturday!!! We really miss her~♥

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sock monkeys~BaBy cheeks~and Longarming~♥

I am loving this line of "Sock Monkey " fabric~ I am thinking I will have to make more than one....

 What a contrast in colors with these two blocks!

This is the alternate block in the California quilt #1~so very pretty with the fussy cut square and the applique~I cannot wait to get to the machine later tonite~

 But FIRST things FIRST with Emma, Cal and "Minnie Vinnie" waiting on some of Grampys meatloaf, mashed potatoes and carrots~ We have to keep the cheeks cheeky~

Friday, July 5, 2013

Quilting therapy and a plan for a special boy in the Rockies...♥

This California quilt #1 is so perfectly pieced that I am going to simply embellish the lines in some of the blocks, not stitch in the ditch, that was not nearly pretty enough....the red just pops off the blocks and demands the attention it deserves...
The alternating blocks which we we get to later are appliqued so I have some ideas....

 .No threadwork running amuk over these perfectly pieced blocks~♥

Can you keep a secret?