Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Tangerine and Pink quilt for sale~Pups getting bigger by the hour!

You can find this pretty crib quilt for sale very soon at MYBLANKIES on Etsy~
 Beautiful pinks and tangerines with a pretty french vanilla border....

Thread audition~
Pinning back the triangles so they would behave during quilting~

Pretty soft" marshmallowy" border~

Ready for shipping so Colleen can finish the border and put it in her shop!

Millies puppies are getting bigger by the day! Looks like one will have a little white face!

Monday, January 20, 2014

WoRd CoMpLeTeD~ PUPPIES! and "one day at a time..."

Millie Vanillie has had her litter while spending some time in Duxbury~she had 6 pups~4 boys and 2 girls all spoken for! One boy was enormous! They are calling him Sampson. I cannot wait to see the pictures!

 This is my word of 2014! My best friend who is 91 this year has always told me that every age has a season....

Well I'm guessing that my season has arrived for "getting it done" with all my stuff~ organizing, weeding out and (gasp!) throwing things away....

No bags coming in...just going out!

I foresee a virtual yardsale!

One day at a time I wrote on this 2009 entry.....I am not celebrating sobriety but life after cancer~

Wine and I just happen to get along swell....

12 WHOLE years have come and gone and I ALWAYS celebrate with the Winter Olympics as I did from my hospital bed so many years family really did save me...and they continue to do so.

I do not take one day for granted...

My prayers this winter are for our athletes and their families this year in Sochi that they come home safely.

My favorite thing.....I have shared this picture before~
One enormous jar of bobbins I have in my sewing room...
 reminds me of all the possibilities ahead...for all of us. xo E

Monday, January 13, 2014

Word on the street~ and puppies coming!

Word on the street" this year of 2014 is to CHOOSE one word to hang your hat on....
So many words....
just one...
.not a phrase....

I read about it first on Victorias blog~she even sports a page to post your quilted words....It is actually quite a challenge to choose just one..for the whole year~

So here is mine~ INVENTORY
Just the start~ using reverse applique and fabric made of scraps from last years projects. I picked a long one as it relates to reverse applique but once I thought of it I had to keep it...It fits so many things I will need in this new year..

To begin with ~ inventory of my sewing just about every room....It just happens right? Its a good thing gone nuts I would

And here is our little Millie Vanillie~ delivered yesterday to the convent (breeder)(lol) in Duxbury Ma. to have her litter~ check out to see her puppies due January 19th! We miss her already! See you soon Millie!!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Planes for a little baby boy~

This is a quilt for Colleen over at MyBlankie her Etsy shop~
It was the first time I ever quilted planes~very fun....The pennants are all from a certain little munchies boys first year clothing stash~so sweet!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

KaTeS SpEcIaL GiFtt~

Here is my Kate starting a project New Years vacation for a special friend of hers~
She has some mad sewing skills so I simply pointed her in the right direction and she did the rest~

Always lots of orbs around this girl~
All marked out with blue~going to town with her redwork...
 Redwork done! Now to zigzag.....

One more gift to open~Downton Abbey Quilt Kit! C'mon spring vacation!!


A surprise visit from Nate and Isabel~best cousins EVER!

All finished! Homemade gifst are the best!