Thursday, March 28, 2013

What's on my design wall~

My second of four applique blocks for this O sew pretty quilt~this one's a keeper.....

 Love my new machine~smooth ride~settings stay put~I had to buy a couple of accessory lights to illuminate my work space on cloudy days~
I am having fun quilting this little "pixelated heart"~you cannot beat white on white quilting~so pretty!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ruler base for sale!! For HQ16/24

Ruler base for HQ16/HQ24 for sale!
Use this accessory to extend the base of your machine when using rulers, templates and guides.

Listed on Ebay here~ bid $50.00 or more! ($89.00 new) This base is in excellent condition!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

A special quilt for a little friend who lives by the Atlantic~

I have been working on a VERY special quilt for a VERY special someone who needs a quilt to bring to the beach~along with her popsicles and juice boxes~this quilt can handle it....

I will show you some pictures when it is all quilted and just before I mail it~ I am hoping for some super cute photos of my little friend and her "pixelated heart" blanket~she is of course a modern girl~

The tutorial for this quilt can be found at  It's a great design for your stash~

 A special label...

 Ironing the pieced border~I really like the idea of random color on the back~

 Millie always supervising~she waits for the water spray to see if she can catch some in her mouth....we go for cheap thrills here~lol!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Beautiful Raffle Quilt completed!! Take a chance and support "Relay for Life!"

A great big THANK YOU!! to my friend MaryEllen for once again choosing to be the captain of her team this spring for the "Relay For Life" fundraiser for a CURE for cancer~

Here are some pretty pictures of "your" quilt ( I will post the details of the raffle as soon as I get them from Maryellen!)
The background is a pretty honey yellow~ I incorporated all the fabrics into the binding~

These fabrics are beautiful and simply needed little accents~

LOOK at the binding!! Love it!

Hearts and teacups~

Words for the new owner~ (could be you!!)

Details of the border fabric and design~

On my chair for a moment......Can I take a chance?

 Pretty pretty colors....soothing and joyful I think~

Its all about the family, eh?

Polka dots and hearts~

This was a TRUE "labor of love" and we are all looking forward to a SUPER successful fundraiser with this beauty as the prize!

Friday, March 15, 2013

And we have a WINNER!!!!

A great big THANK YOU to a terrific Blog Hop!!!! I And the winner is Micheal Pearson who is the owner and author of
He happens to own a Tin Lizzie and I am looking forward to watching his adventures in quilting~

If you have a minute stop by his blog and say hello!

For all of my NEW followers a very BIG thank you!!!
I need to have another RobinHill give~away soon! xo E

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Threadwork and a TIP for longarmers~♥

This fabric is so pretty but I only have cloudy day photos BUT I wanted to share this little quilts progress~

 This quilt will be all about WHIMSY~

 Threadwork around the teacups~the "stars" of the show......

And here is my TIP for my longarmer friends~
On your practice fabric to the side of your quilt~(the sample you do to check your tension....) try drawing a "picture" of something that incorporates all the moves your thread will be making on the quilt at hand~
 All of my quilts are freemotion and I tend to need thread tension for tight curliques etc. so I most often will draw out this little bird....and then sign my initials so I can be sure the tension is right for lettering~then I am good to go! 
If you are doing straight lines then do a box within a box........if you are writing do a few words....
I find this specific thread testing save me a lot of time in the long run.....

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Let's find a CURE!

I am quilting slowly but surely~rocking my BRAND NEW Avante~
When my knee complains I listen....
I will quilt pretty designs and words of love for the lucky winner of this beautiful quilt as MaryEllens relay team "Relay for Life" to raise money for a CURE this spring~♥

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Blog Hop Party with Give~Aways!!!

Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways

Welcome to our Blog Hop party! If you are new to my blog WELCOME! My name is Eileen Gamache and I am a long arm quilter and rug hooker! Please stay a minute and be sure to leave a comment before you click on the Blog Hop Party icon above to visit over 100 other quilting blog giveaways!

My gift to the winner are these "Kindred Works" made by " moi"
I hope you enjoy my "one of a kind" rescued Quilt Art made with my hands and the Loving hands of a quilter long ago~and a sweet pack of vintage fabric♥ 

All you need for a chance to win is to simply leave a comment!
Thanks for stopping by!

~vintage fabric~
To enter this give~away simply leave a comment~♥ The winner will be chosen next week~end!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


This quilt is growing by the day~the pictures are so pretty but do not do the fabrics justice as we quilters have seen so many times before!

When you get a REAL LIFE close up look at a quilt only then can you really appreciate its beauty...and only then do we all usually BUY ONE for ourselves.....the magic of "show and tell" right?

 A last look at the directions before I cut the TWO binding ready to sew~♥

 First border is a red stripe the whimsy~♥

 Millie says "Happy Saint Paddys Day!! to all her bloggy dog friends~♥

Monday, March 4, 2013

This is all I want to see each day~

All of you know as I do that times are rapidly changing in this world of ours and not always for the good~
Increase in violence, use of guns, domestic violence and entitled young people~certainly not the majority and for some of the people a certain desperation due to their circumstances~
All I want EVERY day is to see my husband come home safely from his job as a police sergeant.

I want to come down the stairs in the morning and see this.....he is

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sewing with Millie~♥

I am making good time with our Tea Cozy quilt~the fabric colors are all so pretty that the piecing is a treat~

I also love to iron out the seams and steam everything nice and smooth with all the seams going opposite of one another so all the teacups will stack up as I sew the long strips together.

 This only happens in quilting you know....Life doesn't stack up like that~life is more like a crazy quilt~

I could not have found a better way to spend my recovery time than on this project~I can feel that this old knee is getting better and better with each day....

 pretty rows....all ironed....ready to go~

pinned together so I don't forget the order~

more pretty selvage fabric...I will make something special for all who participate in the Relay~

 Millie inspecting the progress in between naps~

 beautiful sun today~
Next will be to try out my new Avante....I cannot wait!